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Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
The predictions for this game are pointless, this is like reading the tea leaves.The battle in the group ended. Finland qualified to EURO for the first time in history, while Greece didn’t. This is practically a friendly game, the teams can have any lineups and they can have any tasks. I would pick a home team win simply because they have a new manager that improved the table situation, this will be the home game on the main stadium of the country, while Finland after a historical success will have a difficult time finding the motivation for a friendly game.

«Full time result: 1» for 2.1
«Team to score first goal: Greece» for 1.75
I do not exclude that the Finns are still celebrating their historical success. Here, for euphoria, sacrifices are not required. There is simply a chance that the concentration of guests will be lower than during the tournament. I do not think that Finns are now, in principle, weaker as it has been for many years. However, in this match, yes. Conspicuity and the audience. Here the Greeks, I think, have an advantage.

«Both teams to score: no» - for 1.72
«1» for 2.1
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
This is practically a play-off. Ireland will qualify after a win and Denmark will be left out. Switzerland plays against Gibraltar, this means three points. Thus, Switzerland has 17 points (+3 with an outsider), Denmark has 15, Ireland has 12 and a draw against Denmark in the first game, so a victory lets Ireland qualify, a draw satisfies Denmark. Denmark hasn’t lost 14 games in a row, hasn’t conceded since September, while Ireland lost their chance after losing in Switzerland. In the World Cup qualification those teams played as well, Ireland had to win, but everything ended with 5:1 in favour of Denmark. I think they won’t give it up this time either. Although Dublin, as well as Copenhagen, are the cities to host EURO 2020, so this will be a worthy battle this game.

«Teams to score: Both teams to score: no» for 1.78
«Total goals: Tot(2.5) U)» for 1.58
Everything is simple. Ireland needs a victory. Such “direct fights” often end with red cards. When the betting line will be given, be sure to consider this option. In the meantime, I’ll say that Ireland did not make an impression of the attacking team. Like the Danes. But the sufficiency of a draw makes, of course, their task easier. It is naive to wait for open football. Total "under" is an option.

«Tot(2.5) U» for 1.58
«X » for 3.25
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Italy is doing very well, so they won’t stop. Especially since the game will be held in Palermo, the team rarely plays there, so the support will be very good. Italy hasn’t conceded at home in this qualification and Armenia is not a team to challenge this stat. I don’t think that Mancini will play the second lineup and the team will be resting on the pitch.

«To win to nil: To win to nil: Italy: yes» for 1.69
«Alternative handicap result: Italy (-2)» for 1.64
After the bright victory of the Italians in Bosnia, we simply must assume that they will not give up playing at home. So, they will win. And surely. Not in one goal difference, although not at 5. Line (-2) seems appropriate to me. I want to advise you to pick it faster: it will fall closer to the match. I think the standard 2:0 at home for Italy also looks. However, "2-3 goals" is still better. More reliable, in my opinion.

«2-3 goals» for 2.18
«Italy (-2)» for 1.64
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
What’s there to think about? Russia plays against the weakest team of Europe. Although this team scored their first home goal in 6 years, I doubt that this changes anything in terms of the balance of power before this game. After the heavy defeat against Belgium Russia needs to bring the confidence back trying to score as much as they can against San Marino. This is practically a friendly game, and we know too well how bad Russia is in friendlies, although in this situation Cherchesov will make the team play seriously.

«Exact score: 0:4» for 4.21
«First half correct score: 0:1» for 4.61
Having received "a painful snap" from the Belgians, the Russian team "will climb out to recoup." Fans will pin them up, of course. Like, they did it. However, this should not bother us. Our business is to break the head start. I think they will break through. Whatever line-up Cherchesov chooses, it will still be much stronger than the Sanmarinians. Russia will win big.

«Russia (-5.5)» for 2.03
«Handicap: Russia at 1st half (-2.25)» for 1.81
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Of course, you should bet on Germany with a handicap. They should get 3 points to be able to be the first in the group. Ireland was decent, they fought well throughout the qualification and were one step away from the sensation, but it would be too overconfident to think that they could be ahead of the Netherlands and Germany. Ireland is on the honorary third place, the tournament is over for them. I think they will come to Germany for the beer, although they have their own, Germany has a bigger choice. However, Germany needs a win, so I’m betting on a handicap.

«Handicap result: H1(-2)» for 1.85
«To score in both halves: Germany will score at both halves: yes» for 1.7
The Northern Irish played 0:0 with Holland. However, then a) at home and b) Germany is now much closer to football, which was once called Dutch. Also, which in the mid-70s Michels brought to Barcelona. Well, among other things, the Germans are just stronger. I think so. Leo loves rotation. And it will be in this match. However, I don’t see any chance for the guests

«Handicap: Germany at 1st half (-1)» for 2.16
«H1(-2)» for 1.85
Soccer: Three vacancies.
On Monday and Tuesday the main phase of the Euro 2020 qualification will end. At the moment, 17 teams participating in the future tournament are known. Three more will be decided in the coming days. Four tickets will be raffled next year in the Nations League playoffs.
On Monday, only matches of group D are competitive. In groups F and J, everything is already clear. In group F, the lucky Spaniards and Swedes will host Romanians and Faroe Islanders, respectively. In another meeting will meet teams of Malta and Norway.
In group J, Italians and Finns qualified for the Euro will play with the national teams of Armenia (at home) and Greece (away). In addition, the Liechtenstein team will host the Bosnians.
But in quintet D, where only two matches remain, this is a real intrigue. Most likely, one of the qualifying places will be taken by the Swiss national team - it’s enough only to beat the Gibraltarians away. Moreover, under certain circumstances, even a draw can be enough. This "circumstance" will be a draw in the battle of Ireland - Denmark. “The Boys in Green” are three points behind the Danes and two behind the Swiss, so they need only a victory at home, while one point will suit the guests.
On Tuesday, the main focus is on group E, where the situation is similar. The national teams of Wales and Hungary will meet in Cardiff, and both teams will be satisfied only with a victory. The Welsh are behind the Hungarians, and they could have agreed to a peace, but then they are likely to be caught up by the Slovaks who twice defeated the Magyars, that is, have the advantage of personal meetings. The Slovak team will play in parallel with the Azerbaijanis.
In group C, Germans and Dutch will challenge the first place in absentia. The German national team have an advantage of two points and host the Northern Irish, who can bang the door if they do not lose against “Bundesteam”. Then “Oranje”, in case of victory against Estonians, will catch up with the Germans and will overtake them by personal meetings.
In group G, the Austrian team could theoretically take the first place from the Polish national team. This will happen if the Alpines will win against Latvians away, and "The White and Red" will lose against the Slovenes at home. In another match, the North Macedonian team will host the Israelis.
And finally, in Group I, the Belgians will meet the Cypriots at home, the Russians will play in San Marino, and the national teams of Scotland and Kazakhstan in Glasgow will challenge the honorable third place.

Tennis: World tennis championship.
On Monday, the Davis Cup final begins - the main team competition among men. It starts in a completely new format, introduced with the participation of the company of the football player of Barcelona Gerard Piquet. The goal is to reduce the number of Davis Cup matches during the year and bring its structure closer to the World Cup. According to the results of qualification in February 12 teams were selected to the World Group finals. The semifinalists of the last draw won four places. Two more places went to the owners of the “wild card” - this year they became the UK and Argentina.
As a result, 18 teams were divided into six trios, inside which each team will play with each team match of three meetings: two singles and double. All three are played one day after another. Moreover, the team captains were given another opportunity from football - to announce the lineup not in advance, but only an hour before the start of the match. In total, captains have a maximum of five tennis players.
On Monday, groups B, D and F will enter the fight. In the first trio, the national teams of Croatia (Balkans - current trophy owners) and Russia will take to the courts in Madrid. The Croats brought, in particular, Borna Ćorić, but the Russians limited the application to three tennis players, among whom there is no the best- Daniil Medvedev. In the same band are the hosts of the courts with Rafael Nadal and Roberto Bautista Agut.
In group D, the first to play are the Belgians, who are led by David Goffin, and the Colombians, who have the best pair of world tennis Robert Farah - Juan Sebastián Cabal. Here are also the Australians with Alex de Miñaur and Nick Kyrgios.
Group F consisted of the national teams of Italy, Canada (playing with each other on the first day) and the USA. By the Italians a key role are playing Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini, by the Canadians - Denis Shapovalov and Félix Auger-Aliassime, the Americans have an equal lineup, where four tennis players take places from 32nd to 47th in the ATP ranking.
On Tuesday there are two game sessions at once. Firstly, the struggle will begin in groups A, C and E. Trio A starts with the match France - Japan, where the favorite is obvious. The Asian team was left without Kei Nishikori and their best tennis player Yoshihito Nishioka takes 73rd place only in the ATP ranking. Whereas the French have Gaël Monfils (10), Benoît Paire (24) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (29). Here are also the Serbs with Novak Djokovic and Dušan Lajović.
In group C the first match is the “derby” Argentina - Chile. The trio is complemented by the German team.
And finally, the national teams of Kazakhstan got into Group E (Alexander Bublik and Mikhail Kukushkin are in the top 70 of the ATP rating), Great Britain (with the Murray brothers) and the Netherlands. The Kazakhstanis and the Dutch will begin here.
But in the second game session second rounds will be held in groups B, D and F with matches between Spain - Russia, Australia - Colombia and USA - Canada.
The group stage will end on Wednesday. The winners of the groups and the two best teams from those taking the second places will reach the quarterfinals. The playoffs will begin on Thursday and end on Friday.
16.11.2019 20:00:00
Score: 1:2 (0:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
This is the game for the honorary third place. For now Cyprus is higher, but their last game is against Belgium, Scotland will have a game against Kazakhstan. Therefore a draw will be enough for the away team. It’s important for them to play well, because not everyone is satisfied with Clarke’s work in Scotland, so the last 2 games of qualification phase are very substantial. Let’s point out that neither of the teams gets a draw very often. Also, Cyprus being higher than Scotland in the table only took points against Kazakhstan and San-Marino.

«X2» for 1.34
«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.91
Neither of the teams qualify. In my opinion the key factor in this situation might be the fans support. Scotland doesn’t have significant advantage in the lineup. Besides, there’s no guarantee that they will play with the main squad. Thus, considering the betting line that is skewed towards the away team I will bet on Cyprus.

«Number of goals in match: 2-3 goals» for 1.9
«Draw no bet: Cyprus (0)» for 2.35
16.11.2019 23:00:00
Score: 1:0 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Latvia turned into one of the weakest teams in Europe. Zero points and only two goals scored in the qualification. Slovenia won 5:0 away, so the question is what handicap you should take in this game. There’s no clear answer for this question. Believe it or not, in the last couple of years Slovenia has only one victory by many goals at home, while Latvia lost by many goals away only to Austria. It’s only logical to assume that Slovenia will win, but it will be with a small difference.

«Half time/Full time: Slovenia/Slovenia» for 1.37
«First half result: Slovenia at 1st half» for 1.4
Latvia has 0 points. I think it will stay that way. Bookmakers think the same, by the way. The betting line is difficult. I won’t try to look for big odds. I will bet on the first half, I think. Slovenian attack is not deadly. But I think it will be enough to score a couple of goals before half time.

«Alternative handicap result: Slovenia (-2)» for 1.45
«Handicap: Slovenia at 1st half (-1)» for 1.8
16.11.2019 23:00:00
Score: 1:4 (0:3)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I think Russia can get a hold of a draw. It’s a shame that they don’t pay enough for a goal from Russia. Belgium conceded only one goal in this qualification and it was from Russia, besides, Russia is in decent form this autumn. Therefore this is the reason for such small odds for their goal. It’s very difficult to pick outcomes for this game, because everything is very obvious here, I think. Belgium won’t go too crazy to win, Russia will have a whole stadium of supporters and no pressure for the result. You can risk it.

«Double chance: 1X» for 1.82
«First half result: Draw at 1st half» for 2.3
Of course, Belgium is better. But they won’t go all out to win the game. Maybe only in the beginning. The result is more important for Russia. I think Belgium will be very active before they score. Later Russia has a chance to equalize. And, by the way, you shouldn’t forget that Martinez can give a couple of key players some rest. The game looks to be quite intense. Russia won’t just turn over, even though both teams qualified.

«Team to score first goal: Belgium» for 1.69
«Full time result: X» for 3.65
16.11.2019 23:00:00
Score: 0:2 (0:2)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
1.49 for Wales to win is a decent outcome. Two victories will allow Wales to qualify for the EURO, who won’t give it all to win those games, especially when the opponent is weaker. Azerbaijan drew against Croatia, but even I predicted that, if I’m not mistaken: motivation is the key. Croatia wasn’t as much motivated, as Wales will be in this game.

«Team to score first goal: Wales» for 1.37
«Exact score: 0:1» for 4.75
Wales is way lower in the table than they expected at the start of the tournament. The bleak chances that they have will most likely fade away. Of course, Wales is still a favorite. But having almost 6 for Azerbaijan (0) or more than 7 for their victory is enough of a reason to bet on the home team simply because of greed. Especially since I doubt that there will be too many goals.

«Total goals: Tot (2.5) U» for 1.67
«“Draw no bet: Azerbaijan (0)» for 6.11
17.11.2019 01:45:00
Score: 1:2 (0:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Israel won 4:2 against Austria and lost to Poland 0:4 in spring. Poland is the first in the group, but it’s too early to play with the second lineup. Israel doesn’t have any tournament tasks to complete. So the away team has an advantage In terms of motivation. On the other hand, this will be the last game at home for Israel in this tournament. The last time they lost at home was quite a while ago. Since Poland, as a leader of the group with 3 points gap will be satisfied with the draw, I think this is the most plausible outcome in this game.

«Full time result: X» for 3.51
«First half result: Israel at 1st half» for 3.66
Poland that qualified will most likely be relaxed. They won’t be too bothered to keep in mind that Israel knows how to attack. I think different variations of total over is something you should bet on. Especially since it’s the last round, as you remember. And it’s more important for the status, not the table.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.73
«Total goals: Tot (2.5) O» for 1.89
Soccer: A weekend with the prefix «super»!
As if by agreement, the leading football leagues on the eve of last year's break for national teams decided to give the fans a gift: Saturday and Sunday are oversaturated with luxurious posters, and it’s just physically impossible to see all the matches.
In England, there will be one of the most anticipated events of the season: Sunday full-time meeting of Liverpool and Manchester City, the second season in a row which are the main contenders for the title. The initiative is with the Reds, who will host the Citizens at Anfield, having a six-point advantage over the pursuer. A year ago, in October 2018, the situation was different. Then the rivals had an equal number of points, and ManCity didn't hesitate to “dry” the game, which ended with the score 0:0. Now the disposition is different, and Josep Guardiola's team is surely set for an away win. Three points, most likely, are the main task of Jurgen Klopp's players. Nine points advantage - this is more like a knockdown.
In Germany, for the first time in a long time, Bayern and Borussia Dortmund duel with each other at a time when none of the clubs occupies the first line in the standings (fifth and third, respectively). However, does this circumstance make the German classic less significant and important? Moreover, when Bayern is in search of a new head coach, Borussia can revenge for the previous humiliations at the Allianz Arena.
In Italy, Juventus - Milan poster has noticeably decreased in brightness in recent years thanks to the faded Lombardians. However, the Rossoneri, after replacing the head coach, hope to begin a progressive upward movement. Alas, it isn't very successful so far. Juve, as before, resembles a car, which doesn't save Turin from the danger of tripping over a guest cobblestone.
In France, the last in the tour program, which is traditionally considered to be the central match in League 1, is the Olympic derby between Marseille and Lyon at the Velodrome. Recently, it acquired an additional intrigue when, after Silvigne’s displacement, Olympique Lyonnais was headed by Rudi Garcia, who was the head coach of Provence in the recent past. And, of course, for him, the match against Marseille takes on additional colouring.
In Spain, the main thing on the tour is also a derby. Moreover, the very present, geographical. And one of the hottest in the Pyrenees is an Andalusian derby. This time clarification of the relationship between Betis and Sevilla will take place on the territory of the Green-and-Whites. The Big Greens although are stuck at the bottom of the standings, dream of spoiling a mood of the neighbours who are only two points behind from the first place.
In the Ukrainian Premier League, are local classics. Shakhtar and Dynamo now share a 10 points gap, but it doesn't matter when there is a personal meeting near. In the first round, the Donetsk team won in Kyiv, the White-and-Blues recently took revenge in the Ukrainian Cup, and earlier they won the Super Cup. Now they are in the fourth round.
And finally, in the MLS the winner of the main trophy will be determined. This fight can also be called fundamental. Seattle and Toronto in 2016-2017 twice in a row played in the finals with each other, having each won the MLS Cup. Moreover, in both cases, the decisive match was played in Canada. In 2018, the final was held without old rivals, and now they will fight again! There will be a match on Sunday in Seattle.
Tennis: Summary from Australia to Britain.
On Saturday and Sunday, Perth will host the final match of the Fed Cup - the main women's team competition. The first racket of the world, Ashleigh Barty, to all her titles and achievements of this season can add another prize. On the path of Barty and her friends in the Australian national team, are French Samantha Stosur and Ajla Tomljanović. Besides them, there are also Astra Sharma and Priscilla Hon in the application.
Before the start of the season, Australians weren't even among the seeded. However, thanks largely to Barty, they managed to beat the Americans and Belarusians one by one and reach the final. The Australian national team is one of the most titled in the history of the Fed Cup. On her account are seven titles, however, the latter was won already in 1974. Only Czechs and Americans have more trophies. The French team won the Federation Cup only twice, but its successes are more recent - in 1997 and 2003. Kristina Mladenovic, Caroline Garcia, Alizé Cornet, Fiona Ferro and Pauline Parmentier set off to represent the Fifth Republic to distant lands. However, the captain of the guests Julien Benneteau seems to count only on the first two. At least, according to the results of the draw, Mladenovic and Garcia appear on the posters of all five matches. However, replacements are possible. On Saturday, the finals will open with a duel between Tomljanović and Mladenovic, and then Barty and Garcia will enter the court. On Sunday, they will exchange rivals. If the score is equal, then everything will be decided by the doubles match, for which the same tennis players have previously been announced.
Meanwhile, in Milan, Asia-Pacific youth on Saturday will complete a confrontation. The favourite of the ending meeting of Next Gen Finals is Australian Alex de Minaur, who went through the group stage without losses, and in the 1/2 finals dealt with the strong American Frances Tiafoe. However, the second participant in the finale is sensational. This is the owner of a wild card Italian Jannik Sinner, for whom, of course, the stadium will be cheering. If de Minaur is the 18th racket of the world, then Sinner is only the 95th. Note that the match for 3rd place will take place earlier, in which Tiafoe will play with Serb Miomir Kecmanović.
And the very next day, on Sunday, the Final ATP tournament starts in London. The groups for the singles were named by Andre Agassi and Bjorn Borg. The first of the quartets included the leader of the world ranking Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev. In the second, Roger Federer, Dominic Tim and Matteo Berrettini and Novak Djokovic, who has the chance to regain the title of the first racket of the world and finish the leader in 2019. The first one will start with the matches of the Borg group. On Sunday, Djokovic will play with Berrettini and Federer with Tim. On Monday, the Agassi group will start, where Medvedev will meet with Tsitsipas and Nadal with Zverev.

Tennis: Finnish promenade.
In Finland, the first stage of the traditional competition of the four best European teams takes place, Euro Hockey Tour - Karjala Cup. As usual, one match was moved to another country in neighbouring Sweden. the Tre Kronor was defeated by the Czechs 1:3. However, the hosts of the tournament began with a victory. In Helsinki, the Finns defeated the Russians 4:3. On the second game day, on Saturday, the Swedes will fight with the Russian team, and Suomi will meet with the Czech team. The Karjala Cup will end on Sunday with the Finland - Sweden derby and with the principled battle of Czechs and Russians.
09.11.2019 18:30:00
Score: 2:0 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
The course of the match against Ajax suggests that Chelsea isn't all right in the gameplay. Ajax is a great team, but the score 1:4 during the match is overkill. Palace ended its last away game with Arsenal in a draw 2:2. I think they have a chance to get points in the match against Chelsea. Of course, the score 0:2 on their field against Leicester isn't good for Palace. However, this will be a completely different game from tactics. I think it is easier for the experienced coach Roy Hodgson to prepare his team for away matches against the favourites.

«H2(1.5)» for 1.91
«Crystal Palace to score: yes» for 1.77
Chelsea seems to be a favorite, of course. However, I would not forget how the Londoners escaped defeat against Ajax. And how much power it took. So I don’t exclude that not weak Palace will fight. There is a very great temptation to bet on the first goal of the guests. Or on the goals of the first half. Well, on H (+) I will bet just according the betting line – it is luxurious. I will not be upset even if I lose.

«Crystal Palace H (+1.5)» for 1.91
«Total of the first half over (1)» for 1.51
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Probably, you need to catch the mood of Tottenham. The team got messy and, in my opinion, was unexpectedly confidently outplayed (completely) not only in the score but in general in terms of the content of the Red Star. Sheffield has a good series of matches, which is shown in the odds. However, Tottenham hasn't played championship matches at home for a long time - since mid-October. The odds 1.60 for Tottenham's home victory against the Championship team and that is after Tottenham scored four to Belgrade. Any questions?

«1» for 1.6
«Tottenham Hotspur (1.5) over» for 1.72
Sheffield is very good. They are organized; they do not want to climb forward with the whole team (and correctly). That’s why they score a little. However against Burnley in the last round they had a blast. Moreover, I consider it is unlikely that a large number of goals will be scored. And I don’t expect Tottenham’s big victory either. Not the fact that they will win at all.

«Sheffield H (+1)» for 1.85
«Total under (3)» for 1.59
10.11.2019 22:30:00
Score: 3:1 (2:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Liverpool's victory offers 2.55. You can say anything in favour of the City, but when the winner of the Champions League, who is also ahead of the City by 6 points, is given such a frantic odds, how can I not pick it? It is clear that for City this is a game in which you canт€™t let Liverpool go ahead. In case of victory, Liverpool will come off by 9 points. On the other hand, Klopp understands all of this very well, and also remembers that the last season's championship was lost specifically in personal meetings. Therefore, although the match is completely roulette, I would pick the host's victory.

«1» for 2.55
«To Score Anytime: Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly (Liverpool)» for 2.66
Both of them made an impressive comeback in the last round. Both (at least, according to the score) played not so convincingly in the Champions League. And they haven't played draw against each other for a long time. Here we try to bet on it. Moreover, it looks quite good, without any statistics of past years. And the odds are very high. Well, goals scored here and there - quite a good bet. No matter how much they give for it.

«Both to score» for 1.54
«Draw» for 3.63
11.11.2019 01:45:00
Score: 1:0 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Milan made another strange decision, appointing Pioli as head coach. For now, this appointment doesn't justify itself. Juventus can play anyhow badly. Ronaldo may be offended by Ramsey's stolen goal or something else. However, the line-up of the leader of Serie A is so strong that they must beat such a disassembled opponent as Milan in any condition. I don't exclude the possibility that Milan will gather his thoughts, plus Pioli, this coach who knows how to play against the grands. He is the coach of the grand team, albeit not according to the table, but by trophies. So, Juventus' victory isn't so clear. Howbeit.

«1» for 1.41
«To Score Anytime: Paulo Bruno Dybala (Juventus)» for 2.44
Milan are like CSKA - at first they play a great halftime, then blown away. And indeed, in season they are no match for Juventus. In the series the score 2-1 almost stuck to Turinians. Maybe. But one way or another, I think “Juve” should win, scoring at least 2 goals.

«Juventus Individual Total over (1.5)» for 1.59
«Juventus H (-1)» for 1.65
09.11.2019 22:00:00
Score: 2:0 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Spartak is a hopeless team for betting. One time 3:0, then 0:1, some kind of coaching oddities of the new mentor. What will he come up with this time? However, Bozovic won't be fooling around. He traditionally knows how to play in Moscow, and indeed in terms of additional indicators, Krylia is above Spartak in the standings. Krylia hasnт€™t missed goals lately apart from Zenit. Given that, after the change of coach, Spartak is completely crude, which can't be said about Krylia Sovetov. I think the hosts will have a lot of difficulties in this match.

«X2» for 2.22
«Krylia Sovetov to score: yes» for 1.68
Spartak on a swing: both in terms of play and fans attitude. I have a feeling that two consecutive unsuccessful home matches is too much. In my opinion, Spartak will win. And Krylia themselves run forward better than defend themselves. Without much doubt:

«Spartak to win» for 1.68
«Spartak Individual Total over (1.5)» for 1.93
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
A very even group, so predicting the outcome of each match of this group is very difficult. Leipzig is an uncomfortable team for Zenit, which has difficulties with cracking good defence. The match with CSKA is an example. In addition to this, Leipzig faster than CSKA goes into the attack and plays there more actively. The tournament situation obliges both teams to win. Zenit must play for victory since they are two points behind Leipzig. Also, if you have to take to account the goal difference in personal meetings, they need to win 1:0. This is ideal for Zenit. As for Leipzig, they will play two more matches in the second round as an away team. I think Leipzig will be happy with two draws plus a victory at home. It will be enough to qualify. I think if you follow this logic, there will be an inefficient match.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.59
«RB Leipzig (2) under» for 1.36
Leipzig was on fire in the last game. So combined with the second half of the game against Zenit, there’s a big temptation to consider them as a favourite. Especially since Zenit spent a lot of energy against CSKA and barely got away. There will be nothing dramatic for the Germans if they lose, but I will still bet on them with (0) handicap.

«Draw no bet: RB Leipzig (0)» for 1.74
«Team to score first goal: RB Leipzig» for 1.84
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I think that Borussia will win. I commented on the match in Milan, and most of the match Borussia played more interesting. Another thing is that Inter used its goal moments. However, it must be remembered that in Milan Borussia played without attack, there was no Royce, Goetze remained in reserve. In this match, judging by the line-up of the game with Wolfsburg, which Borussia easily won, there will be no problems with the line-up. Well, the tournament position obliges the hosts to play only to win.

«1» for 2.02
«Tot(2.5) O» for 1.83
Borussia rarely scores in the first half. So it seems like the away team will have enough time to get acquainted with the opponent. According to the standings, Dortmund needs to go all in, but it’s easier said than done. And I’m not expecting a lot of goals in this game, either 1:0 or 1:1. The betting line is skewed towards the home team. However, if you were to bet on someone, I suggest the team from Milan. Not because I think so, simply because of the betting line. And you should stay away from the full-time result.

«Alternative total goals: Total (3) over» for 1.59
«First half result: Draw at 1st half» for 2.29
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Here Real Madrid should win with 1-2 goal difference. Galatasaray has a decent team and an experienced coach. It doesn't give any reason to claim points in such a match, but guests shouldn't lose big either. Real Madrid doesn't miss goals in three matches in a row, so it seems that the score 2:0 is the most likely to happen in this match. Real Madrid can't risk since the issue of reaching the next round hasn't yet been resolved. So they must win this match.

«Galatasaray (2.5)» for 1.58
«Both teams to score: no» for 1.89
After a goalless draw against Betis, it’s the only logical way to expect a rich with goals game from the Madrid team. They need that. I think Real won’t score less than 2 unless they break the game for themselves by getting a red card (they are quite frequent in games like this). So without much thinking, I’m picking Real.

«Half time / full time: Real Madrid/Real Madrid» for 1.6
«Team total: Real Madrid (2.5) over» for 1.75
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Having failed the beginning of the tournament, Krasnodar began to improve. Two home victories in the upcoming matches will make it possible to count on qualifying to the next round. After the saved match with Rostov, Krasnodar received additional emotions and should play on the courage. Since there is a possibility that additional indicators will have to be considered, I would try to play as efficiently as possible in the attack. I don't doubt in the victory of the hosts.

«1» for 1.66
«Tot(2.5) O» for 1.75
I am almost sure that Krasnodar will win. And it will be an efficient game. The question is whether it is a “total over” with both teams scoring or not. I prefer the first option. Krasnodar needs a victory no matter what. And they will open up during the game. If I were to bet on a correct score, I would pick either 2:1 or 3:1.

«Teams to score: Both teams to score: yes» for 1.81
«Full time result: 1» за 1.66
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
As it was said in the prediction for the first match, Copenhagen is a very good team, and it will be hard for Dynamo to face against them. A draw in the first match proved it. At home, I think, with the odds 2.48 (!) for the victory of hosts, of course, it makes sense to pick it. I commented on the match between Copenhagen and Zenit and remembered how they cheer for the team actively there. The atmosphere at the stadium was amazing, which is in favour of the hosts. In a calendar year (!) Copenhagen lost only three matches at home in all tournaments, although two of them are in the Europa League. However, now there is tournament motivation: a victory almost guarantees access to the playoffs.

«1» for 2.48
«Copenhagen at 1st half » for 3.28
I think it will be a hard and equal game. There won't be many goals. The score 1:1 is likely to happen than 0:0. And when something tells me that, I usually place a bet on a draw. I didn't expect that they will pay more than 3 for this outcome. Teams are more or less equal. The next decision is between a “total under” and 2-3 goals. I will pick the latter, it pays way more.

«Number of goals in match: 2-3 goals» for 1.93
«Full time result: X» for 3.19
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Solskjær seems to be one of the few coaches who played in the League Cup with the first team. Besides that many are injured in Manchester United, this decision of coach might come back to bite them in the next game. Bournemouth this season lost only to City at home, and United, in turn, was able to beat away only Norwich. In my opinion, everything is obvious. Bets:

«Double chance: 1X» for 1.72
«Draw in the first half» for 2.27
United seems to find they game. Bournemouth, striving for an attack, is theoretically very convenient opponent. They’ll probably attack. Well, OK. It is possible that they will score first. But they are unlikely to last for 90 minutes. Should we take risks and bet on the first goal of the hosts? Or should we give MU a second half (“over” or “to win”)? It seems to me that it is suitable this and that.

«Bournemouth to score first goal» for 2.2
«Manchester United H(0) in the second half» for 1.63
02.11.2019 21:00:00
Score: 1:2 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Very poor odds for this match. Somehow, I do not want to bet on the away victory of the second team for 1.38, where the home team looks very good. Villa, like Liverpool, played in the League Cup with the second team, so we won’t consider these matches. But the fact that Villa has not played for 3,5 years with Liverpool and will be appropriately tuned in to the game, there is no doubt. Not sure Liverpool will win this match. Bets:

«Aston Villa to score» for 1.64
«Aston Villa H(1.5)» for 1.89
Two consecutive matches in London probably took Liverpool a lot of energy. Liverpool certainly should win. But most likely, the winning result will be obtained when "The Reds" kick in. That is, the second half in this sense is more reliable than the first. Although “Liverpool to score in each half”, also, let's agree, looks good.

«Liverpool to win in the second half» for 1.63
«Liverpool to score in both halves» for 1.89
02.11.2019 23:30:00
Score: 1:1 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
The matches between these teams are different. Well, every case is different. In terms of form, Seville seems preferable. The team after the defeat from Barcelona made conclusions and almost never concede, especially at home, and Atletico are traditionally team that score a little, the more João Félix is injured. But there is no certainty that there will be a low scoring match. A year and a half ago, the teams played in Seville 2: 5. True, that time Seville had a different coach. Bets:

«Double chance: 1X» for 1.36
«Sevilla to score 1st goal» for 1.89
Sevilla is now a team that clearly scores a little. About Atletico in this sense, we can say the same thing. Therefore, betting on “under” looks great and on “draw” as well. But here is the thing. If someone succeeds to score, then the opponent will not be easy to recoup. Therefore, I will try to bet on “draw” in the first half.

«Draw in the first half» for 1.98
«Total match under 2.5» for 1.55
02.11.2019 20:00:00
Score: 2:1 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
All three results are possible in a match. But 1: 4 as in the spring will not be. With the Portuguese coach, Roma play much better in defense, so in a similar match where the team able to attack is opposed to Roma, the home team are unlikely to rush forward. Roma played a confident match against Udinese, and Napoli (I watched this match in Naples) missed the victory over Atalanta. In my opinion, the line-up of Roma is more interesting, and since for the victory of hosts an incredible odds - 2.74 (!) is given, of course, you need to take. Although I personally think that Napoli may win. Bets:

«Both to score» for 1.56
«To score: yes in both halves» for 1.59
Roma is slowly improving. But I'm still not ready to talk about the equality of teams. I think Napoli is a favorite. Guest status allows you to bet on Neapolitans with odds of more than 2. So with pleasure!

«2-3 goals in a match» for 2.06
«Napoli H (0)» for 1.87
02.11.2019 22:00:00
Score: 1:1 (0:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Odds 1.69 for “Zenit to win” is not bad. It is clear that CSKA will tune in to this match and will play as diligently as possible, but it’s obvious that something is wrong with them. Zenit for Cup due to the much greater depth of line-up was able to rotate, CSKA did not have such opportunities. It is also worth noting that recently CSKA scores only to the Ufa team. Bets:

«Zenit to win» for 1.67
«Both to score: no» for 1.86
Of course, Zenit is a favorite. CSKA, at least one half fails. And “Militarians” are not lucky with the goals. If once breaking this "betting line", then certainly not with Zenit and certainly not away. Almost 1.7 for “Zenith to win” I consider a gift. And I intend to bet immediately. By the time of the match, more than 1.5 will no longer be given. Yes and (-1) it looks quite good. Although “Militarians”, of course, will bite. And they didn’t score in the championship for so long that someday, just about now, they should. To win (-1), you must wait from the Zenith three goals scored. Believe it? Then bet on “(-1)”, of course.

«Zenit to win» for 1.67
«Zenit H (-1)» for 2.17
Soccer: A tough choice.
The English Premier League calendar continues to present unsolvable challenges to the fans: half of the top-6 clubs play again, preventing fans from seeing all the live matches. The tour starts in Bournemouth, where the local club of the same name will host Manchester United. After that, Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal will enter the field at the same time. The Reds play in Birmingham against Aston Villa. Their closest pursuer and main rival, Manchester City, is waiting for the second time this week to visit Southampton, who recently lost to the Citizens in the EFL Cup. Well, the Gunners after the performance of the backup line-ups at Anfield are waiting for the arrival of the Wolves. Saturated Saturday will end with the match Watford - Chelsea. There are only two games on Sunday, but both are intriguing. The discovery of the start of the season, Leicester, will meet in London with the Crystal Palace, which has also climbed high. Tottenham will spend the second weekend in a row in Liverpool. Now they will play with Everton.
In La Liga, the central match of the tour will be held in the capital of Andalusia. Having equal points and leading the pursuit of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sevilla and Atlético will personally determine who will get the advantage in this race. In the meantime, the Catalans in Valencia will play against Levante. The Meringues will host Betis, who unexpectedly is almost edged out.
Similar to the Spanish is the intrigue at the main match of the tour in Serie A. The only difference is that Roma and Napoli are seriously behind Juventus and Inter, who are competing for first place. The Old Lady, by the way, has a guest derby on Saturday, and the Nerazzurri will play away with Bologna. It is impossible not to note the match with the participation of Milan. The Rossoneri, who managed to win their first victory in the middle of the week under the leadership of Stefano Pioli, will host Lazio, who is in the group of leaders.
In the Bundesliga, Borussia Mönchengladbach, despite the uneven results, refuses to give up leadership. Perhaps the Foals will have to do this after a visit to Leverkusen. The Prussians are followed by four clubs, but the first of them, Bayern, will have a very difficult away game in Frankfurt. Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg will play against each other. Freiburg, the sensation of the start of the season, will have a match against Werder in Bremen.
Two matches at once among the clubs, who have places in ranks from 1st to 5th, will be held in the Russian Premier League. Zenith, who is 3 points behind the competitors, will play against CSKA. In Krasnodar, a southern derby will take place between the club of the same name and Rostov, who is ahead of the Bulls by one point. Lokomotiv can use the advantage of matches between the competitors. Also, they will open the tour with an away match with Ufa.
Tennis: Amid gatherings.
The composition of the semi-finalists of the WTA Finals turned out to be completely different from what it was seen after the first matches in groups. The departure of Naomi Osaka and Bianca Andreescu allowed performing in Shenzhen Kiki Bertens and Sofia Kenin. Belinda Bencic got a chance to reach the 1/2 finals, which the Swiss took advantage of. Before the tournament began, she was seeded here under the seventh number, and now she will play against... the eighth-seeded Elina Svitolina. Ukrainian brilliantly performs in China, being the only participant to win all matches. Another pair was the first racket of the world Ashleigh Barty and Karolina Plishkova, who knocked out Simona Halep thanks to the victory in the full-time meeting.
The Masters in Paris are also capable of bragging with unexpected semi-finalists. True, Grigor Dimitrov has long taught that sensations can be expected from him, moreover, with different signs. Well, here the Bulgarian is also a little lucky with the grid. However, now he is facing a match with Novak Djokovic, who is in great shape. Denis Shapovalov surprised us more than Dimitrov. The Canadian passed through two Frenchmen, including Gael Monfils, Italian Fabio Fognini and Alexander Zverev. Now he will play against Rafael Nadal.
Rugby Union: Remake of 2007.
The winner of the World Cup bronze in Japan was expected to be the New Zealand national team, which in the semifinals much more unexpectedly lost to the British. The final of the main four-year rugby competition is scheduled for Saturday. In the decisive match, the England team will play with their longtime rivals - South Africans. The Red Rose won the World Cup only once in 2003, and four years later failed to defend the title, losing to the Springboks in the final. In addition to WC-2007, South Africans once again won the trophy in 1995. Over the past ten years, these teams have met only in friendly matches, where the advantage is on the side of South Africa: seven victories out of eleven games against four victories of the British.
Boxing: The Vegas show.
The main event of the fighting autumn will be held on Saturday in Las Vegas. Saul Alvarez intends to continue collecting weight categories and is going to add light heavyweight to his more than solid track record. For his next claims, the Mexican chose Sergei Kovalev, who owns the title according to the WBO. There is a logic behind that: a Russian is seven years older than him, in addition, he recently boxed in August, while Alvarez himself has not entered the ring since May. One can understand Kovalev too. After losing to another Alvarez, a Colombian named Eleider, Sergei was advised to finish his career. However, in the February rematch he regained his belt, and in the summer successfully defended it against Anthony Yard. How many more fights Kovalev will be able to carry out is unknown, and a duel with Canelo is a guarantee of a good fee. If the Russian defeat Alvarez, he will once again write his name in the history of boxing.
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
ManCity won his last home match in the EFL Cup with a score of 9:0. With the same score, Southampton lost to Leicester, having suffered the most crushing defeat of his history. The calendar gave Southampton a great opportunity to forget about this disaster, having successfully played two matches against the City away, since the EFL match will be followed by a championship match. The EFL Cup is not a priority for the Guardiola team. There will be changes in the line-up. I think that if the guests have any chance not to lose with the big score in one of the two matches, it will be in the first one.

«Southampton (3.5)» for 1.42
«Manchester City at 1st half» for 1.41
I am not sure that the City will use their main line-up. However, I am convinced that, after playing against Leicester, it will prevent Southampton for a long time from running into an open battle. Especially with an opponent superior to you in the class. You should not be surprised if there will not be many goals from the first minutes of the match. Also, I don't expect the victory of the favourite with 4-5 goals difference. The main point is that the City will win. Bookmakers just do not pay for it at all))))...

«Southampton to score: yes» for 2.19
«Total (4) under» for 1.65
31.10.2019 01:30:00
Score: 5:5 (2:3)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
For Klopp, the League Cup is not the kind of tournament he spends on his players. I have little doubt that the second line-up will play against Arsenal. The championship leader has four matches in 12 days, the last of which is at home against the City. If Liverpool wins, it discovers a direct path to the long-awaited champion's title. The Arsenal is also not among those who set themselves the main task for the season to win the League Cup, so it is also likely to play without the main team. Anything can happen in such a game, and by the way, Olimp betting line is drawn up strictly following this: the odds 1.86 is a lot for the victory of the hosts, but I wouldn’t risk it.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.51
«At least one goal to be scored in the second half: no» for 5.37
The cup itself, I think, is not that important for Liverpool. Another thing is that Klopp's energy turns every next match into the main one. Yes, and Anfield. So I think the odds 1.8 for the victory of the hosts is quite enough. Arsenal has chances to score, and, of course, they will. I also think that this match will be played "over".

«Total (3) over» for 1.8
«1» for 1.86
31.10.2019 22:30:00
Score: 2:1 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Is it worth it to once again talk about how Karpin will tune his team for this match? As for Tedesco, it is unlikely that he is familiar with the circumstances linking Rostov’s mood for this match. Unlike Lokomotiv, Rostov did not play against Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates. Also, Karpin has an example of a match between Spartak and Lokomotiv and an understanding of how not to play against Spartak under Tedesco's leadership. If Rostov gives the ball to Spartak and plays on the counter-attacks himself, they succeed. However, if Tedesco succeeds in trapping Rostov as well as Lokomotiv, Spartak will pass. But before the match, this is nothing more than a theory. The match is not for betting in advance: anything at all can happen.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.93
«At least one goal to be scored in the first half: yes» for 1.51
I consider Spartak a favourite. Nevertheless, the importance of the Cup, given the weak performance in the championship, should be extremely high. For Spartak (0) the odds are about 1.6. Although this outcome is more suitable for accumulator bet, it is worth trying anyway. The rival is principal: is higher in the standings, Karpin also... In general, the reasons are clear.

«Total (2) over» for 1.69
«Spartak M (0)» for 1.52
30.10.2019 02:15:00
Score: 5:1 (3:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Valladolid's victory with a handicap. The last three matches between these teams ended with a score of 1:0. Valladolid generally very rarely misses in the away matches more than 1-2 goals. This season they have already played with the score 1:1 with Real Madrid. Valladolid has a series of five matches in the championship without defeats and among them a 0:0 draw with Atlético, though at home. So they know how to defend themselves. Choosing between the victory of Barcelona with or without handicap, I would choose the plus handicap for the guests.

«Both teams to score: no» for 1.7
«Draw at 1st half» for 3.43
Valladolid is very good so far. Scores in almost every match. Yes, and Barcelona seems to be moving away from "cross rolling." Messi or Valverde fixed everything there and “both teams will score” is asking for it. Well and "over", of course. You can place a bet on one outcome or both. It is a matter of taste. Only minus handicap should be taken with caution.

«Both to score - yes and Barcelona» for 2.58
«Real Valladolid to score: yes» for 2.09
31.10.2019 00:00:00
Score: 2:2 (1:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
The most interesting game. Atalanta is higher than Napoli in the standings, and the last time they lost in the away game in the championship in February. However, there was a game with the score 1:5 in Manchester in the Champions League, though right after that Atalanta won against Udinese with the score 7:1! It is worth noting that Udinese played a half-time in the minority. Napoli is not very confident in the attack and scores a little. Atalanta at the end of last season won with a score of 2:1 in Naples. Now, perhaps, you definitely can’t tell who is the favourite here, and the odds of more than 2 for the victory of the hosts do not look so attractive.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.51
«X2» for 1.84
"Over", of course. By goals, by corners, by cards - all over. In general, this match is better to watch without bets: here you have to wait for the feast. Why do you need to heat it? I don’t want to pick a probable victory of Napoli. It is unnecessary, in my opinion. Here even 15 minutes may be enough to score three goals. Maybe not, of course. That is why it is called a game.

«Total (3) over» for 1.82
«Both to score - yes and total 2.5 over» for 1.65
Soccer: English classics - now in cup performance.
The middle of this week will be full of matches of various tournaments - from championships to cups.
Olimp Russian Cup reached the 1/8 final stage, where only a little more than half of the clubs (nine) come from the Premier League, and the other seven are junior in rank.
Representation of the RPL in the tournament will inevitably decrease further, since Spartak and Rostov, as well as CSKA and Ufa, will play among themselves in Moscow. In addition, relatively recent troublemakers in a tournament - Ural and Arsenal will battle each other in Yekaterinburg. Three other RPL participants will hold home games with FNL representatives. So, Akhmat will host Luch in Grozny, Orenburg at its stadium will host Khimki, and Zenith in St. Petersburg - Tom. Guaranteed in the quarterfinals will be two clubs from the FNL. The advantage of home walls can have a big role here. Torpedo is waiting for Baltika to visit in Moscow, while Nizhny Novgorod will meet Shinnik at the Volga derby.
A similar stage in the English League Cup. Premier League clubs have a more responsible attitude towards the tournament: there are eleven in the 1/8 finals. Moreover, four at once EPL grandees will fight each other on Wednesday. Liverpool and Arsenal cup matches can be eerily unpredictable, especially if they are held at Anfield. Chelsea and Manchester United once met this season, albeit at Old Trafford, and then it all ended in a 4-0 defeat in the performance of The Red Devils. Since then, Frank Lampard has been able to significantly improve the game and the results of his team. Also on Wednesday, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton will play, and on Tuesday we are waiting for, among others, the matches of Manchester City - Southampton and Everton - Watford.
League Cup matches will be held in France. The best clubs according to the results of last season have not yet entered the fight, but this does not mean that ten matches of the third round will remain without interesting posters. For example, the draw has now thrown Monaco and Marseille together, who will fight each other at Stade Louis II on Wednesday.
In the German Cup is 1/16 finals. The central fight here is the new “derby” of the two Borussia. They recently played in the Bundesliga, in Dortmund, and then the hosts won with a minimum score. Now “The Black and Yellows” act as a host. Another top duel (and also recently held in the national championship) is Wolfsburg - RB Leipzig. Bayern went on a visit to Bochum, and Hamburg, trying to return from the second Bundesliga to the elite, will host the team of Stuttgart, who were another some of the inhabitants of the top division in the recent past.
Tours of the country\'s championships will be held in Spain and Italy. In La Liga, Barcelona and Real Madrid, forced to rest on the weekend, will hold home matches. “Blaugrana” will host Valladolid, and “The Meringues” will host Leganes. The arena of the main match of the tour will be Mestalla. Valencia, stuck in the midd-table, awaits Seville at its stadium, successfully holding close to the top.
The duet of the leaders of Series A on the weekend was left without victories, although Juventus and Inter played with not the most formidable opponents. The “Old Lady” returns to Turin, where they will play with Genoa, who made the coaching rearrangement, and the “The Black and Blues” in the away game will play with Brescia, for which their former forward Mario Balotelli stands now. But the most attention will most likely be attracted by the battle at Sao Paolo, where the unpredictable neighbors in the standings - Napoli and Atalanta - will battle each other.
Tennis: Without Federer.
The final WTA tournament began with a bitter struggle. Three matches of four of the first round required three sets to identify the winner; three recent ranking leaders eventually became successful - Simone Halep, Naomi Osaka and Ashley Barty, and the only one who managed to play his match to nil was Elina Svitolina. On Tuesday and Wednesday is the second round, and on Thursday - the final. By its beginning, all the semi-finalists will definitely not be known. In the Purple Group will play Svitolina with Halep and Bianca Andreescu with Karolina Plishkova. That is, two tennis players will have one victory each. The same thing will happen in the Red Group, where Barty will fight with Osaka, and Petra Kvitova with Belinda Bencic.
In Paris, the last season of the men's Masters has begun. After that will be held only the final tournaments for youth and adults, as well as the Davis Cup final in November. Roger Federer, who decided to rest on the eve of the Final in London after another victory in Basel, did not come to the capital of France. All the other best tennis players in the world are here; from the unexpected results of the first round we single out the defeat of Andrei Rublev from Jo-Wilfried Tsong, who received a wild card from the organizers and the failure of Born Chorich in a three-set match with Fernando Verdasco. In the second round, the Spaniard will meet with Alexander Zverev, in addition, among the already known couples we will note the match of Marina Chilich and Stan Wavrinka.
26.10.2019 17:30:00
Score: 3:0 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
The City scored five goals to Atalanta. This is still the representative of Serie A. So when you are choosing between the victory of Manchester City with or without a handicap, of course, you should pick with a handicap. Aston Villa played twice with top-level teams in this season as an away team and both times missed three goals. On the upcoming away game, they can miss even more.

«Manchester City (-2.5)» for 1.64
«Manchester City in both halves: yes» for 1.66
City went crazy again. So personally, I don’t envy Villa. But a handicap of 3 goals and a total 4.5 is too much. Although I would like to make one of two bets positive or “under”. I think City will score a couple of goals before the break. And then they will slow down. The goals from Aguero and Jesus are looking good, but now - which of them will be in the first team?

«Total of the first half over 1.5» for 1.63
«Aston Villa H (3)» for 1.88
26.10.2019 22:30:00
Score: 2:4 (0:2)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Lampard has exceeded all expectations so far. Seven (!) consecutive wins in all tournaments. Thus, one could pick a victory of guests for 1.76, but Burnley plays decently at home and generally looks good to take risks for such a not very high odds. Burnley lost 0:3 to Liverpool, but since then a lot of time has passed. Burnley is more focused on the game right now, and Chelsea has a lot of injured players.

«1X» for 2.11
«Team to score last goal: Neither» for 16.5
Burnley will not be freed from the status of the mid-table player. But at the same time, the team consistently scores. Moreover, almost always in the first half. Chelsea, with obvious inconsistencies in the defense, won 2 games in a row (against Newcastle and Ajax) 1-0 with late goals. It's time to bet on “over”: almost sure that it will happen. I think that “both to score” is the most reliable bet. Although the odds are low for it.

«Burnley to score first goal» for 2.56
«Both to score» for 1.67
27.10.2019 22:30:00
Score: 2:2 (2:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Palace is an unstable and unpredictable team. They can win away against Manchester United once, after that can lose to Tottenham. It’s hard to say what kind of mood the guests will have now, but there’s no doubt that Arsenal will tune in. Especially since Mourinho was photographed at the stadium, and Arsenal was edged out. They need to win!

«Arsenal and total 2.5 over» for 1.97
«Goals in both halves: yes» for 1.55
The biting Palace and Arsenal, who did not score in the last round in Sheffield, is a good enough reason to bet on “over.” Even “over 3”. Arsenal is likely to win. But this victory is unlikely to be simple: here you have to choose between “Arsenal to win exactly 1 goal” and “Arsenal to win and both to score”. I choose the second option: I do not believe in 1-0.

«Arsenal to win and both to score» for 2.81
«Total match over (3)» for 1.93
26.10.2019 19:00:00
Score: 1:1 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Surprisingly, this year Juventus scored only in one away match more than two goals. Lecce lost all three home matches this season. Team has scored only one and missed six, four of them from Napoli. However, the question is, will Juventus score as much? Statistics say no, but the odds are good. With Lokomotiv, Ronaldo and Higuain didn't score. Dybala scored and is in great shape. You can take a chance.

«Juventus (2) over» for 2
«To Score Anytime: Paulo Bruno Dybala (Juventus)» for 2.27
Lecce is not so bad. And quite aggressive: with Milan in the last round they recouped twice. Although it seemed: they are about to fall apart. And Juve had the habit of missing in all matches. Juventus themselves do not deny problems in defense. But the score 2-1 in Serie A seemed to stick to the team. Therefore, “both to score” and just “over” (although the odds are not so high for it) seem to me very likely options. I think the “over” can be betted separately on Juve. But it's a tricky one. Do we afraid? No? Then let's do it!

«Juventus Individual Total over 2» for 2
«Total match over 2.5» for 1.73
27.10.2019 19:30:00
Score: 0:3 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
If Spartak played at home, then it would be possible to talk about something. I think Lokomotiv should win this match as they are playing as the home team. After Juventus, Loko, despite the defeat, rather took out everything positive from the game, plus Miranchuk is quickly gaining form. For the victory of the leader over the tenth-place-team offer the odds more than 2! Of course, you need to pick it.

«1» for 2.04
«Lokomotiv Moscow (1.5) over» for 2.1
The betting line is as if it were not Spartak that came to Loko, but Ufa or Orenburg. But also right. I think it is wrong to catch Spartak in terms of one match: not a single match have “The Red–Whites” played good yet. Will they do it - then the matter will be different. In the meantime, I agree with the bookmakers: Lokomotiv is a favorite. Moreover, it is close to obvious. Well, a couple of goals by joint efforts of the team should be scored.

«2-3 goals in a match» for 1.94
«Lokomotiv to win» for 2.04
Soccer: Hot derby of the Ruhr and France.
It is a rare situation: the three most popular European championships from among the top 5 will allow going on the forefront to two other championships - the Bundesliga and League 1. Ruhr derby is the main thing in Germany. It is an example of a situation when it does not matter who is in what place in the standings. It also does not matter what is the score on the scoreboard in the first half, recalling the 2017 match in Dortmund, when Schalke turned 4:0 in favour of Borussia before the break in the total score 4:4. Last season, by the way, the Gelsenkirchenians again performed well at the enemy stadium by winning with the score 2:4. Whether the Black and Yellows will be able to take revenge, we learn on Saturday. Borussia may come first, if Bayern, in a home game with Union Berlin, stumbles or, wins with less goal difference. The current leader, Borussia from Mönchengladbach, will have a match on Sunday against Eintracht.
The confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille has been the hottest in France for many years. Now fans are forbidden to attend guest matches. So, and now the Olympians will remain without support at the Le Parc des Princes. If it could help them is a moot point. PSG in recent years, as a rule, deals with the Phocaeans. Now it will also be a duel of young foreign coaches. The team of Thomas Tuchel will play against Andre Villas-Boas.
The tour in the Premier League began with the all-English record of Leicester. No one in the top divisions of England has yet won with the score 0:9. Together with the Foxes, Southampton made history (or got into it). Will other teams be able to maintain average performance? The main fight of the tour is at Anfield. There, for the first time after the June Champions League final, Liverpool and Tottenham will play, having each won a major victory in the Champions League this week. Entering the field, they will already know the result of the game with the participation of the team, who has made a third league sensation of the week - Manchester City. The Citizens will host Aston Villa.
Spain has temporarily lost El Clásico: riots in Catalonia forced to postpone the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which should be held at Camp Nou. Thus, the main fight in the weekend will be the "athletic derby" between the clubs of Madrid and Bilbao.
In Serie A, Juventus and Inter, after a full-time match, will continue the struggle for leadership. They will have a guest match against Lecce and a home game against Parma, respectively. AC Milan will try to gain the first victory under the leadership of Stefano Pioli, although winnings as an away team against Roma is not an easy task.
Also, we should highlight the Dutch classic Ajax - Feyenoord on Sunday, as well as Istanbul (Besiktas - Galatasaray) and Moscow derby (Lokomotiv - Spartak) on the same day.
Rugby Union: One word - classic!
World Cup has "occupied" the weekends. In Japan, there are four games left to play: the semi-finals this Saturday and Sunday and medal fights in a week.
The winner of the first ticket to the finals will be known by the results of the super match between England and New Zealand. The British failed four years ago in their homeland, and, one might say, partly had their revenge. However, of course, they crave for more. However, the opponent is incredibly strong. New Zealanders are the current and only three-time trophy owners, as well as the only ones who managed to win it twice in a row. Statistics of recent meetings are again not in favour of England. New Zealand has eight wins in nine matches.
In another match, the teams of Wales and South Africa will play. The Welsh people have never reached the World Cup finals in history. Third and fourth places are their best achievements. South Africans are two-time World Cup winners. Also, they won bronze twice more. Trophies are in favour of South Africa, but in the last four full-time games (though all friendly), the Wales team was stronger.
Tennis: Final tournaments to replace the Finals.
In the Chinese Zhuhai, the WTA Elite Trophy is approaching its logical conclusion, a tournament sarcastically nicknamed the “conclusive tournament for the poor”. Competition for tennis players, who did not manage to break through to the WTA Finals, is starting already on Sunday in another city in the Middle Kingdom - Shenzhen. We will return to it, but for now, we will talk about the Zhuhai semifinals on Saturday. The first-seeded Kiki Bertens, who won her group without any problems, will meet with the only invited Chinese woman Zheng Saisai, who is on the 40th place in the ranking. In another semi-final is Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka, as well as Czech Karolína Muchová, who unexpectedly won two three-set matches from the Americans Sofia Kenin and Alison Riske.
As for this WTA Finals, then the arrangement is as follows. Ashleigh Barty, Belinda Bencic, Naomi Osaka and Petra Kvitová are in the Red Group. In the first round on Sunday, the Australian will fight with the Swiss, and the Japanese with the Czech. Matches of the Purple Group are starting on Monday. It was composed of Karolina Plishkova, Elina Svitolina, Bianca Andreescu and Simona Halep. The Czech starts the match with the Ukrainian, in addition, we are waiting for the Canadian-Romanian “derby”.
Men, meanwhile, are playing out hardcore ATP 500 tournaments in the Alps. It is not surprising that the owners of the courts are the favourites in both Vienna and Basel. In the Austrian case, this is Dominic Tim, who will face Matteo Berrettini in the Saturday semi-final. The rival of the most successful of them will be determined in the match of Diego Schwartzman and Gaël Monfils. In Basel, Roger Federer is aiming for the next title. The most difficult of his remaining opponents are in the semifinals. This is Stefanos Tsitsipas, from whom the Swiss suffered at the Australian Open, and then flew to Rome without going to court. The composition of the second semi-final pair after the defeats of Alexander Zverev and Roberto Bautista Agut turned out to be unexpected: this is the unseeded American Reilly Opelka and the owner of a wild card from Australia Alex de Minaur.
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
It seems like Atalanta was not ready to debut in the Champions League. The team is fun and alive, but in two games they earned zero points. They have 2 games against City ahead, they don’t let you expect that the team will get any points. Atalanta scores and concedes a lot. The game against Lazio, where Atalanta was winning 3:0 away and then conceded 3 in a row is very much like Atalanta. I think they could score, but get more in return.

«Teams to score: Both teams to score: yes» for 1.7
«Total goals / result: Manchester City and total 3.5 over» for 1.89
The City didn't score much for a while. Atalanta always goes into the oncoming battle openly. So far, this has led to six missed goals in two games. I think number will reach to ten. Surprisingly, even this won't deprive the team from Bergamo of chances: to beat Shakhtar in the away game and defeat Zagreb at home - all of this is quite possible. I mean, this time, Atalanta doesn't lose anything. All "over" options should be considered. It will be great if Zapata plays.

«Tot(3.5) O» for 1.74
«Both halves total over 1.5: yes» for 2.74
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Lokomotiv is in good form, but Juventus is just a machine with such a great lineup. Especially at home. Of course, you can park the bus like Bologna, and Lokomotiv will definitely play like that, but there’s no guarantee of a draw. On the other hand, Juventus rarely destroys their opponents, so I think even though they will win, it will be by a small margin. And it will be extremely difficult for Loko to score away from home.

«Winning margin: Juventus will win by one goal or draw: yes» for 2.55
«Teams to score: Both teams to score: no» for 1.6
A match between two similar teams, who are well-organized, not trying to show off. There is always a tension to place a bet on the score 2:0. One can play for the odds 3, not for 5. “But yesterday,” as Kartsev said. One of these teams is certainly stronger. Therefore, I will try to do so. And I don’t expect any "overs" in this match.

«Total (3) under» for 1.84
«Juventus and total 2.5 under» for 3.25
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I was commentating on the game between Genk and Napoli. The score was 0:0, but should have been at least 3:3. It’s clear that Liverpool is way stronger, plus there’s extra motivation for Klopp after an unsatisfactory draw against United. If Liverpool prepares well, they can win by many goals. The most interesting thing is whether Alisson can keep a clean sheet after the injury. While he was recovering Liverpool didn’t keep a clean sheet too often. I think Genk is not likely to score, their execution of moments didn’t impress.

«Teams to score: Both teams to score: no» for 2.08
«Team total: Liverpool (2) over» for 1.46
Against Napoli, Genk fought back. They played with dignity and could win. But, I think, here they will "get under the train." Don't forget that Liverpool began the tournament with a defeat. And the loss of points to him is useless. That is, there will be no slackness. And the guests will win confidently. In any case, by the score. Most likely, I think they will win by 2-3 goals.

«H2(-1.5)» for 1.8
«Liverpool and total 2.5 over» for 1.58
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I hope that CSKA will win. Although they didn’t impress me in Ufa, but I think Ufa at home is stronger than the Hungarian team. CSKA will have a much more difficult game away, especially since Ferencvaros has crazy supporters. But it’s time to get some points at home. Their opponent is not from the Spanish league, the defeat from which you can somehow justify.

«Full time result: 1» for 1.54
«Team to score first goal: CSKA Moscow» for 1.43
CSKA, as befits youth, plays unevenly. So it could very well happen as with Espanyol. Or maybe vice versa: CSKA will give a quality match as in Yekaterinburg. This is still a guessing game. And I prefer to play such matches “along with the betting line”. One goal handicap for the guests looks very handy. And most likely, the score will be something like 2:1. In one direction or another.

«Tot(2.5) O» for 1.75
«H2(1)» for 2.01
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I would bet on a draw. I was commentating on Copenhagen’s game when they were recently playing against Zenit. Decent team, they will come to get a draw at least. Both teams are top in the group, so there’s no need to win no matter what. Therefore, it’s only logical to assume that in this situation and considering the away team skill, the draw seems to me as the most possible outcome.

«Double chance: X2» for 1.92
«Teams to score: Copenhagen to score: yes» for 1.66
I think the match will be persistent. I even said stubbornly. The victory of those or others in one goal. Or a draw. And rather total "under" than "over". You can go baldly, but here you have to choose: either a draw or the victory of Kyiv in one goal. Perhaps I will choose the first option. Well, the total "under", of course. However, I will be honest: I expected higher odds.

«Tot(2.5) U» for 1.63
«X» for 3.42
Soccer: A threat to Inter, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.
The third round of the group stage of European cups begins with a mini-series of two matches between the same opponents at home and away. As a rule, it is this segment of the main round that determines the chances of the participants in terms of getting into the playoffs.
Two early matches of the Champions League on Tuesday will be held in Madrid and Kharkiv. The arena of the decisive match of the last Champions League draw will witness the meeting of Atletico and Bayer. This is group D, where The Mattress Makers together with Juventus lead with four points each, and the Leverkusians close the table with zero points. It is easy to guess that a loss at Wanda Metropolitan edges out Bayer from the potential participants of the 1/8 finals. Especially if in the second match of this quartet Juventus will win Lokomotiv, although Muscovites may cause a sensation.
In Kharkiv, Shakhtar continues to host its rivals. The best club of Ukraine scored three points in Group C and will now meet with its main competitor Zagreb Dynamo in the fight for second place. Why for the second? The first is unlikely to be missed by Manchester City, waiting at the Etihad for the unpredictable Atalanta.
Also on Tuesday will play clubs from two more groups. In group A, Real Madrid put itself in a difficult position. The Madrid team closes the table with one point. The other two teams, however, aren\'t far away, and with one of them, Galatasaray, The Meringues will meet in Istanbul. However, even a defeat won\'t be fatal for Real Madrid. After all, a new duel with the Turks is ahead. Also, it is unlikely that Brugge will be able to defeat Paris Saint-Germain at home.
In group B, Tottenham has a hard time. Finalist in 2019 may be left without a playoff in 2020. Above the Londoners in the group isn\'t only Bayern, who is reaching 1/8 finals without any problems, but also Crvena Zvezda. It is the Belgrade, who will be hosted by the Spurs at their stadium with the justified hope of finally defeating them. In a parallel match, Bayern will be visiting Olympiacos.
The start of the game Wednesday awaits Leipzig and Amsterdam. Unlike his offender Tottenham Hotspur, Ajax in the new season confirms the validity of recent success. The Dutch team has a 100 per cent rate in group H. However, will it be possible for Chelsea to maintain it after a visit to the capital of the Netherlands? In another match of the day in this quartet, Lille, which hasn\'t yet scored points, will host Valencia.
For RB Leipzig, the Champions League began perfectly - with an away victory over Benfica. However, after the Bulls sensationally lost to Lyon with Silvinu, who hadn\'t yet been fired at that time, and stopped winning at all. The chance to improve the German team will present itself in a home match with Zenit, which, however, is in excellent shape. The last three matches Petersburgers won with a total score of 12:3. Their Group G rivals Benfica and Lyon will later meet in Lisbon.
Quartet E will present matches between clubs considered to be favourites and those who are milder. However, the Red Bull Salzburg is still on a par with Liverpool and in the first two rounds received the title of the most unpredictable Champions League team. Now the Austrians have to test themselves in meetings with Napoli. The first of them is in Salzburg. Liverpool has a good opportunity to score maximum points in games with Genk, the first of which will take place in Belgium.
Group F may be considered as a “death group”, if Inter remains with one point after three rounds. And this will happen if the Nerazzurri doesn\'t win against Dortmund Borussia at the San Siro. However, a draw doesn\'t improve the situation of the Milanese too much. They must win. In another match of this quartet, Barcelona in Prague will play against Slavia.
In the Europa League, by tradition, we present the most interesting matches of the tour, which, as usual, will be held on Thursday. In group A, Sevilla will verify the efficacy of the Luxembourg Dudelange to claim its place in the playoffs. In quartet B, there will be a duel of leaders Copenhagen and Dynamo in Kyiv. In group C, Getafe will try to continue his winning streak in a difficult home match with Basel. Krasnodar will have the last chance to maintain its opportunities of a playoff at an away game at Trabzonspor. In group E, Celtic will host Lazio. The lagging Rennes will host the Romanian CFR. In Quartet F, Arsenal fans are waiting for rehabilitation from their team after a failure at Sheffield on Monday - Portuguese Guimaraes will arrive at Emirates. In group G, all teams have three points and in the next round, Porto will compete with the Rangers, and Young Boys with the Feyenoord. Quartet J will be marked by a match with a magnificent sign: Roma at the Stadio Olimpico against the leader of the Bundesliga Mönchengladbach Borussia. And finally, in group L, the leading Partizan and Manchester United will meet in Belgrade, while AZ and Astana will determine the main outsider in Alkmaar.
Also, the finalists of the Libertadores Cup will become known in the middle of the week. A serious application for the second consecutive trophy was made by River Plate after a confident home victory 2:0 over their enemies from Boca Juniors. Flamengo achieved a good result according to the score of the away match - a 1:1 draw at the Arena do Grêmio. Argentinean grandees will finish the showdown on Tuesday, Brazilian ones on Wednesday.
Basketball: Toronto without Leonard, Brooklyn without Durant.
Against the backdrop of a huge scandal connected with China and the protests in Hong Kong, the next season starts in the NBA. Caught amid intercontinental prosecution, Houston begins the regular season on Thursday with a home game against a strong Milwaukee. The Clippers - Lakers derby will take place in Los Angeles on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Brooklyn, who has changed the owner and signed Kevin Durant, who is now injured, will play with Minnesota. Later, Golden State will play the first game of the season on its floor against the Clippers. The opening match of the "regular season" will be a duel with the champion. Toronto, who was unable to save Kawai Leonard, is waiting for New Orleans for a visit.
19.10.2019 20:00:00
Score: 1:1 (0:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
It is difficult to make a prediction for matches of teams in which everything is bad. Tottenham have reached the point of looking for a replacement for Pochettino. Mourinho's name pops up. Can a team in such an environment be motivated and be ready for one hundred percent for the match? I think not, but the slogan that you need to play at all costs at least for the fans, as we see not only in the case of Tottenham, has long remained simply beautiful words. Watford changed the coach, but it did not get better. Absolutely unpredictable match in which anything can happen. I do not recommend to have deal with it.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.76
«Total (2.5) over» for 1.52
Tottenham is failing this part of the season. But it can’t last forever. I would like to focus on them and predict the moment when this situation stops. Let’s try that. Their opponent is quite an ambitious one. They won’t hide from the open football. It’s the right time for risky bets. I will make it a little safer for me with a total over - a lot of players went on the international break to play in the national teams. That means that there could be some disbalance of the game, but not of the ambitions.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.76
«Total goals/result: Tottenham and total 2.5 over» for 1.87
19.10.2019 20:00:00
Score: 1:0 (0:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
Unlike the Tottenham-Watford match, everything is clear here. There is a clear favorite who is in good shape, and I think that a pause for the national teams did not harm Chelsea. As for Newcastle, then two weeks after the victory over Manchester United, the victorious courage dissipated, and then the away game. I do not know what Newcastle can oppose Chelsea in this away match: Newcastle lost their last two away matches with a total score of 1:8.

«Total goals/result: Chelsea and total 2.5 over» for 1.76
«1st goal at 1st half: Chelsea» for 1.64
My gut says to me that there will be a demolition. Not because of the weaknesses in the midfield of the away team, but simply because I feel this way. My other inner voice disagrees with that saying that even if the home team wins I can’t bet on a negative handicap. The betting line is wtoo much skewed towards Chelsea. I would rather risk it, but it has to be worth it. Bet on the away team, not 1.4 for the home team victory. This is not enough. If there is still a demolition, then the “total over” saves us.

«Newcastle to score: yes» for 1.85
«Total (3) over» for 1.97
22.10.2019 01:00:00
Score: 1:0 (1:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
This season, the arrival of any top club is a big celebration for United. They played with the same Arsenal last time 12 years ago and lost two matches of the League Cup with a total score of 0:9. I do not think that the alignment of forces between the teams has changed much during this time, although that Arsenal was certainly stronger in line up than the current one. Sheffield lost fewer players in the national teams, and Emery had no one to train. I think this is the argument that can make you take a chance in this match and bet that the hosts will not lose. Although in my opinion 80 to 20, that Arsenal will win.

«Sheffield United to score: yes» for 1.38
«First half correct score: 0:0» for 3.39
Sheffield is not too bad game wise. This is considered by the bookmakers. No mystery that they pay almost 2 for an away team to win here. But I have a different opinion. The home team is organized very well. There’s a big chance that Arsenal will struggle a lot. They don’t pay enough for Sheffield’s victory. I would definitely bet on that if the odds were higher.

«Alternative total goals: Total (3) under» for 1.68
«Number of goals in match: 2-3 goals» for 2.04
19.10.2019 17:00:00
Score: 0:3 (0:1)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
At the end of last season, Eibar rested and tied at home. Science has established that after a pause for the national teams, Barcelona does not play very well, but Messi and Suarez trained with the team this time, so I think this time the tradition will be violated, and Barcelona will win, especially since before the break for the national teams, Barca scored a good move and defeated Sevilla 4-0. By the way, Messi scored. But from the penalty spot, so a year from the game is yet to come.

«Full time result: Barcelona» for 1.54
«To Score Anytime: Messi, Lionel (Barcelona)» for 1.83
Eibar plays "total under" games more often than not. But the team is active and attacking. Sometimes they have 10 corners a game. Barcelona is improving. But the home team will have an impact in this game: even when they are 2 goals down (like it was against Sevilla) they never give up. It’s too early to bet on Barcelona and especially on a negative handicap. Barcelona is not back at that power level yet.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.68
«Total (3) over» for 1.89
19.10.2019 22:00:00
Score: 6:1 (3:0)
Georgiy CherdantsevVSJuriy Rozanov
I think that Zenit is not in a mood, but Rostov is. Rostov is the fastest team in the championship, and it’s hard for Zenit to play against fast teams. Zenit's priority now is the Champions League, the two most important matches of which Zenit will have in the near future. So from the point of view of motivation, I think the advantage is on the side of the guests. True, Rostov needs to add in the game away, but Rostov plays and wins with top clubs. I won’t be surprised if Rostov wins here too, but I won’t risk betting, Zenit is now in order, the home arena, and the players from the team, the same Dziuba, will come on courage.

«At least one goal to be scored in the first half: yes» for 1.4
«Rostov to score: yes» for 1.64
Tactically Rostov’s task is quite easy. And they know it by heart. It won’t be easy for Zenit, especially at the start. The question is whether Rostov can last for all of the 90 minutes. They did last time against CSKA. But Zenit is stronger. You can even try to bet on Zenit winning by 1 goal.

«Number of goals in match: 2-3 goals» for 1.95
«Winning margin: Zenit by 1 goal» for 3.45
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